We are happy to host the United Kingdom (UK) as the Guest Nation for IOACON 2018

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Message from The BIOS President

On behalf of the members of the British Indian Orthopaedic Society (BIOS) and as its President, I extend my warm greetings to the delegates of IOACON 2018.

United Kingdom being the guest nation of IOACON 2018, makes the event unique and that too this being the centenary year of the BOA.

The members of BIOS and I are in a very privileged situation, being able to claim allegiance to both countries-India where most of us have grown up, received our education and have our roots and the UK that is our home today, which has given us the opportunities and accepted us.

Our association both with the BOA and IOA has grown immensely and I hope that this will continue to do so. I am sure the delegates from the UK and India will have a very educationally stimulating conference.

Dr Gautam Chakrabarty
President - BIOS
(British Indian Orthopaedic Society)

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Message from The BOA President

As President of the British Orthopaedic Association I am delighted to send my greetings and best wishes to all of those involved in IOACON 2018. Our two associations continue to grow and develop. Our common goals are to support education, training, innovation, research and service delivery to all those with musculoskeletal disease or injury. We will undoubtedly seek even closer relationships between our associations using every means to exchange knowledge and skills. Many fellows of the BOA will be attending the Congress and will facilitate networking across our profession

I am sure that everyone attending the Congress will return with new ideas, new friends and colleagues, and rich memories of their time in Coimbatore.

Dr Philip Turner
President - BOA
(British Orthopaedic Association)

Conference Secretariat

IOACON 2018 Conference Secretariat
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